Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall regulate the use of www.oneup.com.ng and www.oneup.ng and the OneUp Mobile App (collectively referred to as the “Service”) by any individual, company, or other organisation (User). It also regulates all the content sent and uploaded by Users within the scope of the features offered on the Service including e-mails, and chat messages service.

The Service is a skill-based gaming platform, which offers Users the ability to play and place wagers against each other on several interactive mobile games. Users compete against each other using OneUp Tokens (Tokens), which can be converted to real money. Additional details on the games that are available to play, their rules, and further information about gameplay are provided on the Service.


  • General Terms

  • Types of Use

    OneUp distinguishes between Casual Players and Money Players. Casual Players typically play games on the ‘Practice’, and ‘Friendly Modes’, while Money Players participate by staking Tokens in the ‘Wager Mode’ and include any Users who deposit, play with, or withdraw real money using the Service. 

  • Registration

    Registration of Users on the Service is free, but OneUp reserves the right to reject the registration of Users without specifying any reason for rejection. Once registered, Users will operate User Accounts. The use of the features provided by the Service requires User registration.

  • Usernames

    Usernames shall not (i) be imitative of e-mail addresses or Internet Services; (ii) infringe upon the rights of third parties; (iii) violate any rules of good conduct. No User is entitled to a particular password or username.

  • Passwords

    For security reasons, passwords must differ from usernames, be kept secret and changed whenever a User deems necessary. Passwords should not be a sequence of consecutive numbers or letters, such as “0123456789” or “ABCDEFG”. More explicitly, a secure password should contain a combination of numbers, letters and at least one (1) special character.

    OneUp shall not be responsible if a third party gains access to the account of a User who is in violation of these security guidelines. OneUp will not give your password to any third parties unless required to do so by law. OneUp will never ask Users for their passwords via telephone or E-mail. Oneup can only use the password request form on the login page of the Service to request a password.

  • Multiple Registrations

    Multiple registrations, as well as the setting up and operation of multiple accounts on the Service are prohibited. User Accounts are non-transferable.

  • Extent of Use

    • Requirements for Use

      The use of the Service and Services are dependant upon certain conditions such as proof of payment, amount of completed games, and specific game rules amongst others.

    • Limitations of Use

      A User's entitlement to use of the Services are solely dependant upon the current technical status at OneUp. Temporary disturbances may be experienced due to the interruption of telecommunications, power outages, hardware and software failures amongst other things.

    • Hardware /Software /Connections

      Users are solely responsible to ensure that their hardware, software, and internet connections are current and meet necessary system requirements.

    • Maintenance Periods

      Maintenance work is conducted mainly for the purpose of ensuring the server's security and integrity. If possible, OneUp will notify users of maintenance periods in advance. A portion, or sometimes all, of the features of the Service will be unavailable during maintenance periods.

  • Data Entry and Privacy Policy Notes

    • Data Entry

      The personal information that OneUp requests from a User upon registration is to be fully and accurately completed, including a valid E-mail address, username, password, first and last name, date of birth, verifiable physical address (not postal box), bank information including bank verification number (when applicable), mobile phone number, as well as data from the User’s National Identity Card such as an international Passport, Driver’s Licence and Voter’s Card (ID Card) when applicable. Age verification can be automatically carried out upon completion of registration based on the information entered. Please take note that OneUp reserves the right to end a User's registration on the Service, withhold any in-game currency or real money or cancel any account withdrawal in the event that false data is entered. If a User does not inform OneUp of changes in his personal information, then OneUp will continue to use the latest information available and the User will indemnify OneUp for any losses it suffers arising from its use.

    • Modifying Personal Data

      If a User's personal data changes after registration, he must immediately update, change, or notify OneUp of the changes. These changes can be updated in the relevant sections of the Service.

    • Privacy Policy

      We hold data protection guidelines with the utmost respect. OneUp only collects, processes, and uses personal data for which it has been granted legal permission and is necessary for regulatory and billing purposes. The use of your personal data shall take place as often as is required to facilitate the administration of the Service and enable you to play the games amongst other things.

    • Revocation of Consent

      In the event that we wish to use or process your personal data for any purpose for which we do not possess a legal permit, then we will acquire your consent, which you can issue via electronic means. When this method is used, we will inform you within the scope of the Services. Users are always free to revoke their consent to future use of their personal data. To do so, please send an E-mail to users@oneup.ng.

    • Cookies and Analysis Mechanisms

      To perform the Services to a standard that meets full customer satisfaction, we will utilize cookies and other mechanisms that enable us to analyse user behaviour. This will be done anonymously using techniques that present no possible means of tracing the collected data back to the user from which it was derived. This data will be used to analyse and optimize the Services. The data will be temporarily saved until an anonymous analysis has been compiled. Afterwards, the collected data will be permanently deleted.

    • Pseudonym-Based User Profiles

      Unless you revoke your consent, we are permitted to use your usage data for advertising, market research, and as seen fit to create user profiles under a pseudonym-based username within the scope of our services offered. If you wish for your usage data not to be used in such a manner, then please send an E-mail to users@oneup.ng

    • Security Standards

      OneUp will use security measures and mechanisms (such as SSL encryption, cryptography), chosen in regard to present technological capabilities, in order to offer our services in a form, which is secured as best possible against access and manipulation by third-parties.

      You may use our services via a pseudonym-based username provided that such pseudonym is to preserve your anonymity to other users of the Service only and does not prevent or hinder us from knowing your identity in accordance with these terms.

    • Disclosure

      If you have any questions regarding our use of your personal data, then we would be pleased to provide more detailed information upon contacting our customer service, or emailing us via users@oneup.ng.

  • Cancellation / Contract Duration and Termination

    • User's Right to Termination

      A User can terminate his user license agreement at any time by sending an E-mail to users@oneup.ng. The remaining valid Tokens on the User's account will be transferred to their bank account within a processing period of less than three (3) business days.

    • OneUp's Right to Termination

      OneUp retains the right to terminate and deactivate a User’s Account for any reason whatsoever.

  • Liability and Corrective Action for Money Games

    • Limitation of Liability

      OneUp cannot be held liable, under any circumstances, for any losses or damage of any kind incurred by a User, or any other person or entity, directly or indirectly as a result of any content included or omitted on the Service, or as a result of any abuse on the User by another User.

      The User agrees not to hold the OneUp liable, under any circumstances, for any losses or damage of any kind incurred by the User, or any other person or entity, directly or indirectly as a result of using or misusing the Service.

    • Errors

      OneUp is not liable for errors in data entry, transmission, and/or scores, as OneUp has no influence over these problems.

    • Erroneous Data Entry

      OneUp reserves the right to retroactively amend obvious errors in the specification of entry fees, prices, quotes amongst other things.

    • Premature Closing

      If OneUp is forced to end an ongoing wager game prematurely, then the participating Users can have the full value of their Tokens staked on the game refunded and credited to their respective accounts. OneUp is not liable for any collateral or consequential damages.

    • Prizes

      OneUp is not liable for lost winnings or potential winnings, not even in the case of prematurely closed wager matches or tournaments.

    • Accountability for Content

      OneUp shall be accountable for the content that it makes available. OneUp cannot be held accountable for offers from third-parties for which it only offers access (such as via links). OneUp cannot be held liable for any content on third-party webServices for which we offer links.

  • Notification of Amendments to These Terms and Conditions

    • Notification

      All declarations that are conducted within the context of the OneUp license agreement must be made in written form or via E-mail. The OneUp E-mail address is users@oneup.ng

    • Revision of Terms and Conditions

      OneUp reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any time without reason. In such an event, OneUp will send an email containing the revised terms and conditions, or a notification containing a link to where they can be viewed on the Service before they come into effect. If a User does not expressly object to the validity of the new terms and conditions via E-mail within three days of being notified of the revision, then the newly revised terms and conditions will be considered agreed upon. If a User rejects the newly revised terms and conditions, then OneUp may terminate his license agreement in accordance with section 1.8.3.

  • Severability

    If any section of these terms and agreements is deemed invalid, then the remaining sections will remain valid and enforceable. If this is the case, the most similar provision possible shall at OneUp’s economic convenience replace the illegal, invalid, or unenforceable provisions thereby making it legal, valid and enforceable.

  • Applicable Law

    The laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria govern these terms and conditions, and its courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

  • Areas of Use

    OneUp only offers its services in the countries that are stated expressly on the Service.

  • Skill Games on the Internet

    Users are solely responsible for following all applicable laws in their country and/or state. In the event that a User acts illegally by using the Service in breach of local legislation, then no user contract shall take effect. If you are unsure of whether OneUp's services are legally permitted in your area, then seek legal advice before registration.

  • Additional rules for Wager Mode Users

  • Registration

    • Registration as a Money Player

      Participation in the Wager Mode requires submitting certain personal information, as well as purchasing Tokens.

    • Age Verification

      Only contractually capable, natural persons are allowed to participate in the Wager Mode. Persons under the age of eighteen (18) are not permitted to participate in the games of skill on the Service in which you have the chance to win Tokens from other Users. In order to comply with youth protection regulations, OneUp reserves the right to execute a verification of age exercise. Age verification can be automatically carried out during completion of registration, based on the information entered. If the registering individual is not in possession of a valid ID that was issued by the Federal Republic of Nigeria, then OneUp will do its best to determine another equally valid form of age verification.

    • Limitation of Participation

      Employees and staff members of OneUp and their associate companies are not eligible to participate in the Wager Mode. They may, however, participate in games for testing purposes, but without the intent to achieve any personal gain or profit.

  • User Accounts

    • Withdrawal

      Money Players are entitled to withdraw their account balance, or any portion of it, provided that the amount to be withdrawn is at least N1,000 or its equivalent in United States Dollars (where applicable) and the first withdrawal as a Money Player was at least six weeks prior to the current withdrawal. The requested withdrawal amount will be processed by OneUp and then transferred to the User’s registered bank account, thus discharging OneUp's corresponding debt. Any incurred fees will be paid by the User. OneUp is not obligated to verify the authorization of the account holder. Bonus (such as first-deposit bonuses), payments that OneUp provides cannot be withdrawn. In cases such as these, the User will be notified that the corresponding funds cannot be withdrawn and can only be used exclusively for the purpose as originally intended.

    • Proof of Identity

      For security reasons, OneUp is authorized to withhold funds if it reasonably believe that the proof of identity provided by a User is false. In cases such as these, the User shall be obligated to send a verifiable copy of his personal ID Card, along with a written request to withdraw the funds, including his bank information.

    • Deletion of User Accounts

      User Accounts will be deleted at our sole discretion and without any notification of reason once a period of two (2) years has passed since the last login or when the contract is terminated. The OneUp service agreement shall be severed along with the deletion of the User’s account. If the User replies with bank account information that does not deviate from what was previously submitted, then funds on the account in question, if any, will be transferred to the last bank account that was associated with that User's account. If a User’s account is deleted, then OneUp shall reserve the right to withhold funds for the purpose of compensation for OneUp or third-parties, or as punishment for a breach of contract.

  • Fundamental Rules of Use and the Interdiction of Abuse

    • Abuse

      Abusive behaviour on the Service is prohibited. Abuse behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

      • purposely entering faulty, misleading, incorrect, or incomplete information;

      • opening multiple User Accounts or opening User accounts without proper authorization;

      • committing, or attempting to commit fraud, especially through the use of mechanisms, software, or any script in association with the Service that is intended to interrupt the functioning of the Service, help a user achieve better results than could be achieved through the sole use of their device screen, or negatively influence another User's game controls;

      • purposely causing an interruption or error in order to influence a game, such as to cause the game to prematurely end;

      • achieving or attempting to achieve an advantage over other Users through unfair behaviour of any kind, such as through deception, which could damage or endanger a fair competition;

      • cooperating with other Users in a way that could create an advantage over other users and thus diminish their opportunity for fair play and reduce their chances of winning

      • breaking any further rules or duties that are detailed in the general terms and conditions.

    • Rules for Communication

      It is possible for Users to contact each other, for reasons such as challenging each other to duels. In doing so, they are obligated to only send messages that:

      • are free of obvious or hidden advertisement;

      • are neither subjective, intentionally false, derogatory, defamatory, immoral, nor pornographic in nature nor fulfil any other element of offense;

      • are not damaging to any third parties;

      • do not contain any viruses or computer programmes that could affect the function of external computers;

      • are not surveys or chain letters

      • were not written with the intent to expand a certain political, ideological, or religious denomination

      • were not written with the intent to collect, save, or use personal information from users without their explicit consent, especially for promotional purposes

    • Consequences of Abuse

      OneUp is authorized to close and/or delete User Accounts and end this contractual agreement without notice in cases of abusive behavior or the suspicion of abuse, especially those detailed in section 2.3.1 and 2.3.2. If this occurs, then games which have already begun will be aborted and the results will not be evaluated.

    • Measures against Abuse

      OneUp reserves the right to release information to legal courts and government agencies in the event of abusive content and statements. Furthermore, OneUp reserves the right to file a report with the police or any other law enforcement agency.

    • Reporting Problems

      All problems encountered during the use of our Services, including those with regard to games, User Accounts, can be reported to OneUp when the problem is encountered. OneUp deletes data after its use, and after ninety (90) days from when problems and errors can no longer be reviewed.

    • Posts/Comments

      OneUp is granted the unlimited right of usage in terms of space and time for all posts submitted on the OneUp user forum, or other information submitted to OneUp using the provided mechanisms for such including photographs, game comments and suggestions. The User is not entitled to compensation for such.

    • Public Relations

      As a User in the Wager Mode, you consent to the use of your username, photographs and recordings to be displayed along with the amount of your winnings for the purpose of advertisement, press releases, release in printed media, radio, television, Internet, and otherwise be publicly made available, used, and duplicated.

      Please direct all complaints, problems, and comments via E-mail at contact@oneup.ng.