Game Tips

We want you to have the best experience on OneUp and would like to share some suggestions aimed ensuring you achieve this every time you log on to the platform

  • Please ensure you are comfortably in control of your device, and you are not being jostled. Minor disruptions can affect your concentration and performance in games.
  •  Playing wager mode and a call comes in? Prolonged loss of connection from the game server will see you forfeit the match. If the incoming call is not urgent, you might want to terminate it and get back to the caller when you are through with your match.
  •  Mentally tired from playing too many games? Take a break! Stretch your legs, get a drink, read a book, and come back refreshed to get some Ws (and tokens!) under your belt!
  •  Practice! Practice! Practice! The offline modes allow you to hone your skills against the AI without losing precious tokens. Dive back into the wager mode when you feel sufficiently ready to hand out Ls to other users.
  •  Set a token limit and stick to it. How many tokens are you willing to win or lose in a day? Understand this number to avoid chasing losses.
  •  You've won a pile of tokens and they are sitting in your wallet? Whatever for? Use the 'sell tokens' option to cash out and send the money direct to your bank account!
  •  Exiting a match mid-game will earn you a straight loss... Don't do that! Keep at it till the end, there's nothing like snatching a victory from the jaws of defeat! We promise!